Panda Resort 7 – CMS for Single Hotel – Booking System

 Panda Resort 7 – CMS for Single Hotel – Booking System
net employer or simply an proprietor of hotel, resort, spa, lodging or bed and breakfast? This CMS is constructed for you! upload your rooms. control your charges. Create authentic sports and tours, extra services and comply with up your bookings!
Panda Resort 7 – CMS for Single Hotel – Booking System


  • outline your charge in step with night for unique intervals.
  • upload packages for two nights, mid-week, week-give up, week or create yours!
  • Set limit on the days of the week or the check-in/out day.
  • upload discount and further charge per guest.
  • ship coupons!

Panda Resort 7 – CMS for Single Hotel – Booking System
Pandao resort uses Pandao CMS, a content Managment system which includes a simple, ergonomic and whole admin panel which permits you to manipulate effortlessly the content of your internet site coupled with an without problems customizable template.
numerous new specific modules: bookings, rooms, rates, currencies, more offerings and centers.
ideal for a web company wishing to unfold net sites fast and genuinely for its clients!
Pandao CMS is completely responsive, so use it as well for your telephone as on your laptop.

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    • Features: short set up in five mins handiest! (brief set up wizard, no ability required) portable: localhost, root, subdirectory, subdomain or now not… anyplace you want! fully responsive design (front workplace and lower back office) easy to customise (manipulate your personal templates and fashions) whole booking system (till the price with PayPal, test or on arrival / with or without down charge) user friendly Inuitive admin panel multiple users Create effortlessly pages, subpages, articles and pick out your format powerful Ajax file supervisor (motion pictures, snap shots, documents) enable/Disable remarks at the articles Create and personalize widgets Powerfull seek engine Multi-language (upload new languages and control your translations) ready for “proper to left” languages (arabic, hebrew) search engine optimization prepared (easy URL, dependent datas, respect for the ideas of Google…)
    • Admin Modules: Menus Pages Articles comments Languages places Medias Slideshow Tags Texts users Widgets Messages Social (social networks hyperlinks) Currencies Bookings Rooms sports prices offerings centers Create your own modules (ex: merchandise, employees…)                                                            Technologies and JS Plugins: PHP 4.x / PHP 5.x MySQL 4.x / MySQL 5.x HTML 5 CSS 3 Javascript jQuery Bootstrap 3.x Ajax Font Awesome CKEditor Royal Slider (You save 14$) Isotope Owl Carousel Modernizr Uploadifive Magnific Popup ToolMan TableDnd


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