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My name is Ghulam Dastgeer an expert Blogger, Youtuber, and Entrepreneur.2012 I began taking interest in computers & the internet, and I found it a very thrilling thing to learn because the real global became turning very fast in the direction of facts technology. I started out learning computer & net courses in 2015, And as a result, retain struggles now I have a few substantial information approximately computers and net. And this is the most valuable factor for me, I surely appreciate it, I try and proportion it and want to percentage all of it before leaving this international, at the same time I retain learning new things due to the fact data technology or know-how has no boundary. regular is a new day for me as a learner and I try to learn as a minimum one new factor every single day that.

Aside from PC frameworks in well-known

extraordinarily, I came to recognize about blogging and earning money online in 2016, and that I researched approximately it at the internet for numerous months, I used to be searching for data mainly in Urdu, however, I didn’t locate enough data in Urdu, therefore I began learning English and at the same time, I started growing blogs and websites. That’s what grew to become my existence into an internet lifestyle. when I used to be looking for information in Urdu and that I did not discover enough information on the internet in Urdu, at that moment I determined that I would create a blog/website for URDU/English users someday and these days you see it.

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DastgeerTech is my fantasy blog, here on my blog I share articles identified with Technology, SEO, and Online Earning. I began this blog in 2016 to share my insight into Technology and blogging.
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